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What do I do after an Uber Accident?

If you are involved in an accident and suffered injuries where an Uber vehicle was involved, you may be entitled to fair compensation if the accident was not your fault. If you are going to file a claim against Uber, you must take certain steps to protect your rights.

  1. Seek medical attention. Do not delay this very important first step. Not only is your health the number one priority, but evidence of prompt medical care also helps your case.
  2. Keep a file. If you receive any documents related to your San Diego Uber accident, you should immediately put them in a folder or envelope. That way nothing is misplaced or lost, and it will be convenient to find any information you might need.
  3. Know and protect your rights. Your first call should be to a San Diego Uber accident attorney. After you begin medical treatment, this is the most important step to take. An Uber car accident is different than one involving ordinary vehicles, and you need someone who has experience dealing with Uber and other rideshare collisions.

Uber’s insurance company is going to try and take advantage of you. That’s just what they do to protect their profit. They deal with numerous accidents each year. For them it’s not personal. But for you it is.

The accident has disrupted your life, caused pain and suffering, as well as unnecessary inconveniences and headaches. And here comes a heartless adjuster, hired by Uber, demanding answers to a bunch of questions, all of your bills and records, a list of all of our injuries, and a checklist of other requirements.

Don’t wait, our personal injury and San Diego Uber accident attorneys are experienced in the most current laws and procedures. Call us now at (866) JOE-DANG or (866) 563-3264 to set up your complimentary 7-point Case Review.

Types of Uber Accidents Claims We Handle

Our personal injury attorneys help the following accident victims in San Diego when an Uber vehicle is involved:

Uber Practice Areas

  • Passengers on an Uber ride
  • Uber drivers
  • Pedestrian
  • Drivers of other vehicles
  • Passengers of other vehicles
  • Bicyclists
  • Motorcycle riders, and those riding in the back
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Any other person who suffered an injury where an Uber vehicle was involved

How we help you

Our San Diego Uber accident lawyers have years of experience helping accident victims and dealing with insurance companies. We know all of their tricks and delay tactics where their goal is to: delay, deny, and defend any claims against them.

To lift this huge burden off of your shoulders, we do the following (and more) for our clients:

  • Handle all communications with the insurance companies. Insurance adjusters are very aggressive when trying to contact you. They’ll talk to you and seem very sympathetic, telling you how concerned they are about your health and well-being. Then they’ll say they want to make this easy for you so you can get on with your life. Except they’re doing this to gather any information they can use against you. Don’t fall for their antics.
  • Investigate and gather necessary evidence. This is where a good Uber Accident lawyer is essential to your case. Evidence is required to prove your case. The burden is on you to prove you suffered significant injuries. You will need police collision reports from the San Diego police department, CHP, medical records, medical bills, statements from witnesses, and much more. Without this evidence, your claim and lawsuit will fail. An experienced attorney will be able to figure out which documents are needed, and then go get them.
  • Negotiate liens with your doctors. If you received care paid for by a health insurer, workers compensation, or other company here in San Diego, you will likely have a lien placed on your settlement funds. Uber accident attorneys have the experience and sometime the leverage to request reductions to the amount you may owe to health insurer companies.
  • Negotiate your settlement. This is one of the most crucial points in your case. If you don’t have the experience and skill of an Uber accident lawyer, you risk leaving money on the table when it comes time to settle your case.

Can You Sue after an accident with an Uber driver?

If you are injured in a car crash and an Uber driver is at fault, then that Uber driver will owe you money (compensation) for your injury claim. Uber drivers all carry insurance. How much coverage is available for your case depends on which “phase” they were in, at the time of the accident.

For rideshare accidents in San Diego, there are 3 phases for insurance purposes. The applicable phase is determined at the time the accident occurred.

  1. Uber app is off. If the driver does not have their app on, meaning they are not actively seeking riders to drive, then the rideshare insurance does not apply and their normal personal policy is in effect. The policy limits could be as low as $15,000.00 or higher.
  2. App is on. This means they making themselves available and are awaiting to accept a ride. In this situation, Uber’s insurance company will provide the coverage that is secondary to the personal policy. This means if the personal policy does not apply, then Uber’s coverage company will apply .
  3. Driver has accepted a ride or is already driving a passenger. If they already accepted a ride and are on the way to pick the passenger up, or are already on the trip, then there is $1,000,000.00 in third party liability insurance.

As you can see, a thorough investigation is needed to determine which phase Uber drivers are when they cause an accident. There is also property damage coverage. For actual policy limits, go here to see how much insurance coverage Uber provides. (jumplink here)

What if it is your Uber driver’s fault?

Yes. Much like passengers in normal car accidents, you can sue if you involved in an accident as an Uber passenger. While the same 3 phases mentioned earlier still applies here, if you are a passenger then obviously we are in phase 3, and the $1,000,000.00 insurance limits apply.

What if I am an Uber driver and someone crashes into me?

You absolutely have a case if you are driving for Uber and someone causes an accident with you. You will primarily go after the insurance company of the person who caused the car accident. But most drivers don’t carry a lot of insurance coverage. So if your injuries are significant, there is a chance there might not be enough money to fully compensate you for all of your injuries and medical bills.

If the Uber vehicle was in phase 3, and accepted a ride or was already on the trip, then there will be $1 million in insurance limits for under-insured San Diego Uber drivers.

How Much Can An Uber Accident Settle For ?

There are many factors when it comes to coming up with the value of your case. It really depends on how significant the injuries are, and whether these injuries are caused by the accident. It also depends on which phase is applicable, and how much money there is from the insurer.

A case can settle anywhere from a few dollars to a few million dollars. Yes a case can settle for more than there is insurance coverage. An experienced Uber accident attorney will perform a thorough and diligent investigation to maximize the claim. This includes discovering all potential sources of insurance from all involved parties, how much insurance coverage there is, and whether it is enough coverage for your case.

If our San Diego office determines there may not be enough insurance policy limits for your injuries, we will discuss employing our strategies for removing the limits on the insurance policies. This is not possible for every case, and is not always successful. However, it is a very powerful tool when dealing with Uber.

Uber’s Insurance Company and Policy Limits for San Diego, CA (2022)

Uber and Lyft regularly change their insurer. The state of California requires a minimum amount of coverage they must carry. With such a large policy it is smart for them to shop different carriers to find the best one for their respective company. But that also means details of the carrier, the terms of the policy, and identity of parties you deal with are constantly changing.

While the details of the policy and administrators are constantly changing, Uber’s insurance policy limits are roughly similar each year. These limits do change especially when California changes regulations and legislation that covers Uber Or Lyft, but generally do not change much. The limits change based on what phase the driver was in at the time (see phases here). If the driver did not have the app on, then Uber’s insurance policy does not kick in, and the Uber drivers’ personal insurance is in effect.

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When the driver’s app is on, but no ride has been accepted yet

There is $50,000.00 in injury liability per person, and $100,000.00 per incident, when the app is on, the driver is logged in, and waiting for a ride. This is in addition to any personal rideshare policy the driver has. If the driver’s personal policy doesn’t cover Uber business activity, then an additional $200,000.00 is available as “excess coverage.”

Please note there is no uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage during this phase. So drivers for Uber who suffer injuries because of someone else, may be out of luck if the at fault vehicle does not carry enough insurance, or worse doesn’t have any.

Driver has accepted a ride

If the driver has accepted a ride, then there is $1,000,000.00 bodily injury liability coverage available. There is also $1,000,000.00 uninsured/underinsured coverage, which protects the Uber driver and passengers. This has come in real handy if you are in a serious accident, with severe injuries and the person causing the collision is uninsured or has low insurance limits.

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