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Are you fighting Mercury Insurance in your car accident case?

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Were you involved in an accident where the other driver has Mercury Insurance? Be prepared for a big fight.

In a bad faith action against Mercury, it was revealed that first line adjusters at Mercury have only $2,500 authority.

Their supervisors had $10,000 authority.

The only person who had authority at $50,000 or above was the regional manager who supervises all of Southern California, Arizona and Florida.

What does authority mean in a car accident case?

When an adjuster gets your file, they evaluate the case, and set a “reserve.”  A reserve is what they think the case is worth, and will not offer any more than that, without getting permission from someone more senior than them.

But, there is a cap on what they can set their reserve at. This is the “authority.” If they evaluate a case and think the case is worth $7,500.00, but their authority is only $2,500.00, they have to run the case by their supervisor to set the reserve at $7,500.00.

Mercury has a reputation for lowballing cases, so you can surmise that adjusters don’t want to run to their supervisors 10 times a day asking for increases in authority to set a higher reserve.

In my day-to-day experience handling many cases against Mercury, they are consistently the lowest in initial offers to my clients. They will not give you a fair evaluation, and a the threat of lawsuit must be acted upon to demand a fair settlement for your case.

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