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Bulging and Herniated Disc Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people claim long term disability benefits. Back pain can be debilitating, significantly affecting your ability to work. Especially if your job duties are physically demanding.

One of the biggest causes of back pain are bulging or herniated discs

What is a bulging/herniated disc?

A herniated disc occurs when your spinal disc bulges into your spinal canal. In plain English, your spine is made of vertebrae connected to form the spine.

In between each vertebrae are discs, somewhat elastic disc shaped structures that sit between each vertebrae. Inside is a softer, rubbery portion that is covered by a tougher, outer surface.

They act as a shock absorber between each vertebrae. Your nerves run up and down the spine. When you have a bulging disc, the entire disc slides, and part of the disc extends into the area where the nerves reside.

You can also have pain if the outer surface cracks, and the inner soft center leaks out and presses on a nerve.

This protrusion can cause pain. But not all herniations cause pain.

How do you prove you have a herniated disc?

Disc herniations can be shown by clinical tests and objective imaging.

First, a clinical diagnosis must be made. A clinical diagnosis is made by clinical signs and self reported (subjective) symptoms. You have back pain, you go to the doctor and describe your back pain.

Your doctor looks for medical signs of back pain. Then tests are ordered. Usually an MRI will be needed to show a disc herniation. So you get sent off to an imaging center, which will run an MRI on you, in either your neck (cervical), upper back (thoracic), or lower back (lumbar).

The imaging will confirm whether a disc herniation exists. You can have back pain without any disc herniation, but evidence of a bulging disc supports your complaints of back pain.

Long Term Disability Benefits Because Of A Disc Herniation

If you can’t work because of back pain, caused by a disc herniation, you may qualify for long term disability benefits from your insurance company. If your claim for LTD benefits was denied or terminated, contact us immediately. Time is running out and you need your denial letter reviewed, and your appeal needs to start as soon as possible. Call 858-925-4525.

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