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Long Term Disability Insurance Companies

You are suffering from a disability, and file an insurance claim with your long term disability insurance company. Your family's well-being is now in the hands of an insurance claims administrator, and you hope they do the right thing.

Let me tell you something: Insurance companies rarely do the right thing. Our firm focuses exclusively in fighting insurance companies. Insurance companies make their billions of dollars by paying out less money than they accept in premiums. So they will use anything, no matter how flimsy, as a reason to deny your claim.

Don't let them off the hook!

You deserve justice. Your family deserves the benefits. You have to make sure your application for LTD benefits is accurate and complete.

And if your claim has already been denied, call us immediately. Time is running out as you generally only have 180 days to file your appeal. And your appeal is your last chance to include evidence in your case, so a mistake here can be catastrophic.

Below is a list of the most common ERISA Long Term Disability insurance companies. Even if you don't see your insurer listed here, the rules and laws are mostly the same. The only difference is each company's strategy of handling claims.

So call us immediately to schedule your free, no cost/no obligation claim review.

The largest insurers are:

But you may also have long term disability insurance coverage with these other companies:

If your long term disability claim was denied, you may be entitled to a major cash settlement.

But receiving fair compensation for your disabilities will not be easy. The insurance company employs highly trained adjusters and attorneys to ensure their profitability, which means paying you as little as they can.

Rely on the skills and knowledge of experienced team to level the playing field. We hold the insurance companies responsible and aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve.

Don’t wait. There are deadlines that must be met, or you may lose your rights forever. Fill out the Free Evaluation form and Schedule a Free, No Obligation Case Review now. Or call us at 888.320.2058. We are standing by to take your call, 24/7.

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