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Four Typical Causes Of Car Accidents And How You Can Prevent Them

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A good percentage of deaths every year are as a result of car accidents. If the victims survive, they may have permanent injuries that affect their whole life. The unfortunate part of these accidents is that most accidents result from simple mistakes that could’ve been avoided if the driver drove carefully. Thus, before hitting the road, you must understand some of the common reasons for car accidents and know how you can evade them to keep you safe. Below are some of these reasons as they are given by an auto accident lawyer in San Diego.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a significant cause of road accidents. That is because most drivers feel that they can drive and still do another activity in the car. For instance, you will find a driver with one hand on the wheel and the other on their phone, applying makeup, reading, or eating, among other distracting activities. Or, the hands may be on the steering wheel, but there are myriads of thoughts in their head, making it hard for them to concentrate. It is hard for the driver to notice things on the road that could result in an accident with such distractions. Therefore, no matter how confident you feel, avoid any distractions when driving.

Reckless Driving

Before a driver gets their license, they go through training to learn the rules that’ll keep them safe on the road. Despite this, some are still reckless on the road, which costs them lives. You may find a speeding driver way above the limit or changing lanes too quickly, among other reckless behaviors. At these high speeds,, a simple error may lead to a fatal accident that could have easily been avoided. Therefore, remain calm and follow all the rules for you to stay safe on the road.

Running a Red Light

When you are impatient or just in a hurry, a red light at a traffic signal is a huge inconvenience. For this reason, a lot of drivers run a red light when trying to save time. This is very dangerous, and the few seconds that you are trying to save may cost you a fortune. By running a red light, you risk your life and that of other road users. Therefore, be patient and wait till it is your turn to move.


Driving on a rainy day is easier said than done. That is why rain is among the common reasons for road accidents. When it rains, it gets foggy, and the road becomes wet, thus increasing the risks of accidents. For this reason, you should avoid driving as much as possible in the rain. If you have to drive, be extra careful when driving as your chances of an accident are highly increased on a rainy day.

Being involved in a road accident leads to many inconveniences and in worse scenarios, even death. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the driver to be extra careful when on the road to avoid such havoc. Be on the lookout to help you avoid the common causes of road accidents above to remain safe. For more insightful road safety info visit

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