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Getting involved in a car crash is traumatic! While most accidents are not lethal (thankfully), significant injuries are a real possibility. But a car accident is just the beginning of a prolonged process that comprises insurance claims, dealing with the at-fault party, and most importantly, the closure everyone yearns to move on with life!

Insurance companies try to minimize their insurance compensation. Claiming your compensation from the insurance company without a vehicle crash attorney present by your side may seem like a stressful procedure. However, you can find relief as soon as you hire a Car Accident Lawyer, as, through his extensive experience and vast exposure to laws and lawsuits, he can increase your chances of higher compensation from the insurers! 

Generalized Steps For Car Accident Claims

  1. Intake: The process for your claim begins once your attorney has performed diligent research on your insurance claim and reviews your condition. After conducting a reasonable investigation, they will file a claim and a letter of representation to the insurance companies. 
  2. Investigation: Next, your attorney will start to dive deep  into all corners of your case to find evidence, which may include interviewing the witnesses of the accident. Your lawyer will also gather data about the accident, which includes your medical history, accident footage, or your car records. Gathering all this evidence will help your car lawyer in discerning the car crash scenario and logically file the right compensation for your insurance claims. 
  3. Negotiations: Insurance firms usually decline your initial offer and counter-offer significantly lesser amounts. Your attorney will initiate negotiations, and negotiations will continue.

Sometimes, it is hard for attorneys and insurance firms to reach an agreement. In this case, your lawyer will suggest that you file a car accident lawsuit against the insurance firm. The settlement negotiations usually continue, but if the two sides do not reach an agreement, the case will proceed through trial.

How Can You Maximize Your Car Insurance Claim?

There is no rigid formula for a car insurance claim for your injuries in California. Every claim is unique, and decided on a case-to-case basis. However, the following specific pointers can help you in claiming maximum compensation and protect your legal rights.

  1. Seek medical help: Even if you don’t think you suffered critical injuries, it is highly recommended you check for any internal or external damages. All documentation from medical professionals about your injury will aid you in discerning and pursuing your legal car accident portfolio.
  2. Evidence and Witnesses:  While prosecuting your legal claim, it is crucial to collect every piece of evidence you think is relevant, even if remote. Evidence may include; photos and videos of the accident, visible injuries, and the other driver’s contact information. Therefore, It is suggested to have witness contact information if the legal case proceeds further.
  3. Careful Communication: During the investigation by your insurance company, make sure you won’t claim anything that may induce your fault. As insurance companies make a fortune from reducing compensations, even the slightest fault can leave you barehanded. 
  4. Legal Help: You may need to contact a car accident lawyer in order to start the insurance claim process as soon as possible! The attorneys will start to ponder on the important pieces of evidence for your insurance claim. 

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