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Attorneys for Liberty Mutual Disability Claims

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (also known as Liberty Life Assurance of Boston) is a long term disability insurance company that plays hardball with your disability benefits. It seems as if they make claims decisions that ignore the substantial financial devastation their decisions will cause. They don’t seem to care about your ability to financially support yourself or your family. They only care about their bottom line.

If your claim for long term disability benefits is denied by Liberty, or terminated (usually after two years) by them, call the Disability Legal Center at (866) JOE-DANG or (866) 563-3264 now, to schedule your free, no obligation claim review. Or fill out the contact form on this page.

Liberty Mutual/Liberty Life Assurance Is Known For Anti-Consumer Practices

The American Association For Justice ranked Liberty Mutual the 10th worst insurance company in America, in their report “The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America – How They Raise Premiums, Deny Claims and Refuse Insurance to Those Who Need It Most.

They based this ranking by looking at thousands of court documents, records and documents. These documents came from state insurance departments, the SEC, and FBI. The AAJ also examined news reports, and even statements from former agents and adjusters.

Liberty Mutual doesn’t just deny legitimate disability claims, they have been accused of other doubtful practices. Including:

  • Violating New York law by declining to renew coverage when the disabled worker had policies with different companies
  • Bid-rigging charges
  • Complaints by their own agents and vendors, alleging Liberty’s poor customer service and incidents of bad faith resulted in lawsuits against them

It is clear by their pattern of behavior Liberty will not place their insured’s interests and concerns over their own.

Most Common Reasons Liberty Mutual/Liberty Life Assurance Denies Long Term Disability Claims

These are identified as the most common reasons Liberty will deny your legitimate LTD claims

  1. Video surveillance. Liberty will actually hire a private investigator to follow you around and video tape you. If this isn’t a violation of your privacy it is just plain creepy. The insurance company you hired to protect you when you need them the most, will hire a private investigator to follow you around so they don’t have to pay you.
  2. Most Liberty long term disability policies will change the definition of disability from “own occupation” to “any occupation” after 24 months or so. That means the definition gets harder, as you don’t have to show you can’t perform your own occupation, but also any occupation. Liberty can always find one occupation they will argue you can perform.
  3. Not fully taking into account your pre-disability duties. For example, they’ll say your prior occupation was sedentary, and if you can sit for 4-6 hours, you can work.
  4. They will argue you do not have enough objective evidence to support your subjective complaints of pain. Objective evidence are things such as diagnostic images (MRI, CT Scan, X-Rays). The problem is, there are many medical conditions where diagnostic testing can never reveal your experience of pain. These include fibromyalgia, back and neck disorders, chronic headaches, and fatigue. Courts have said if there are no diagnostic testing that can reveal these disorders and symptoms, then the insurance companies cannot require it. Liberty however, often will, creating an artificial requirement in order to deny you benefits.
  5. Liberty hires a medical examiner who will never even meet you, to review your records in order to deny your claim.

Help With Your Liberty Mutual LTD Appeal

When your claim is denied or terminated, it is very beneficial to get assistance from an LTD lawyer. We work closely with you through each stage of your claims process, including:

  • Gathering medical records and documents
  • Obtaining medical opinions from doctors and vocational experts
  • Preparing and finalizing your appeal to maximize its chance of success
  • Review and explain their reasons for denial
  • Calendar the deadlines to submit the appeal
  • Finalizing and submitting the appeal
  • If the appeal is denied, file your EIRSA lawsuit in federal court

Contact The Lawyers At The Disability Legal Center For A Free Claim Review

Liberty Mutual has a team of lawyers and claims examiners on their side, with millions of dollars in training. Don’t try and do this alone. Call the Disability Legal Center at (866) JOE-DANG or (866) 563-3264 now, to schedule your free, no obligation claim review. Or fill out the contact form on this page.

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