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Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer Helping MassMutual Claimants

MassMutual, or Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, is one of the largest private long term disability insurance companies in the United States. Although most LTD policies are governed by ERISA because they are part of an employee benefits package, MassMutual actually has a large private LTD market.

Many MassMutual claimants are doctors, lawyers, executives and other business professionals.

Legal Issues with MassMutual LTD Claims

If you are on this page, you are likely having issues with a MassMutual LTD claim and need to find answers. These issues may include:

  • Filing an application for long-term disability (LTD) benefits with Mass Mutual;
  • You need monthly claim handling of a MassMutual LTD insurance claim;
  • Your LTD benefits were denied, and you need to file an ERISA appeal;
  • You need to file a lawsuit against Mass Mutual for the wrongful denial of long-term disability benefits;
  • You want to make a lump-sum buyout offer of a Mass Mutual long-term disability insurance policy;

How We Fight For Your Rights Against MassMutual

If your application for long term disability benefits is wrongfully denied or terminated, you need to immediately consult with a disability income attorney. The Disability Legal Center will help prepare your claim and appeal to maximize the chances of success.

MassMutual ERISA LTD Appeal

If your application for benefits was denied, or your benefits wrongfully terminated, you need to prepare an appeal immediately. An appeal under ERISA is not a simple task. You must prepare an extensive, thorough appeal package. Your doctors must be contacted and asked to complete medical reports such as physician statements and functional capacity examinations.

You must exhaust your administrative appeals within the time limits stated in your policy. This is usually 180 days, and there is usually only one appeal required. But double check your policy to be sure. If your appeal(s) are denied, then you can file a lawsuit in federal court.

MassMutual Civil Lawsuit

If your MassMutual policy was purchased privately, and not provided as part of an employee benefits package, ERISA does not apply and you can actually file a lawsuit in your state superior court. The rules are more advantageous for claimants in state court since ERISA protects insurers (even though it was originally designed as a consumer/employee protection law).

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