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Long Term Disability Claims Against Metlife

If you have a claim for long term disability benefits with Metlife (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company), be aware of their dishonest practices.

Metlife was accused by a court of "moving the target" when it came to denying LTD benefits

The United States Court of Appeals declared Metlife was "moving the target" when it denied a disabled worker benefits. Over the course of an administrative appeal, Metlife would tell the disabled worker it required additional evidence to establish disability. The applicant would provide the requested evidence, but Metlife would ignore the evidence, or repeatedly establish new and ever changing standards to frustrate the applicant.

Metlife "moves the targets" by first making vague requests for additional evidence. Then when you provide the requested evidence, they'll state the new evidence doesn't meet a standard they never told you about. And they'll repeat this over and over again.

Metlife: Selective Consideration Of Evidence in ERISA Long Term Disability Appeals

In the same case, the Court of Appeals determined Metlife was selectively considering evidence. And by selective, I mean they were ignoring evidence helpful to the applicant, and only considering evidence helpful to them.

Usually you'll have a wealth of medical evidence supporting a disability, while one or two pieces of evidence do not. The insurer will latch on those one or two pieces and then deny your claim for benefits because of that. The record as a whole must be considered. That's why it is important to prepare your application (and if necessary appeal of the denial) as thoroughly as possible.

You want to stuff file with as much evidence as possible so there is no way, a fair, neutral evaluator would not find a disability.

Metlife Long Term Disability Insurance Claims Attorney

In these cases, Metlife has dug in their heels and made the decision to deny your application for LTD benefits, and no amount of evidence is going to make them budge. Your only approach at that point is to provide as much objective evidence as possible in the administrative appeals process, and file a lawsuit.

An appeal isn't simply a letter stating you appeal the denial. You must prepare an appeal package which may include:

And many other documents. Again, you're trying to convince a judge Metlife unfairly denied your benefits. The more evidence you have supporting your disability, the better.

Most policies allow you 180 days to file an appeal. It takes a long time to prepare a thorough, effective appeal. So do not waste any time, give the Disability Legal Center a call immediately to schedule your free, no obligation claims review.

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