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Appeal of Standard Life Denied Long Term Disability Application

You’re hear because your application for LTD benefits was denied by the Standard, or terminated.

The Standard, also known as Standard Life or Standard Insurance Company, is a large provider of group and individual long term disability insurance policies.

The Standard is regularly criticized for their claims handling practices, denying rightful application for disability benefits, terminating benefits, reducing the rightful amounts. In fact, if you check out their page on the Consumer Affairs website, you will find many complaints by their customers regarding their handling of disability claims. They currently have a one star rating.

One review in particular notes:

So my advice is that if you have The Standard STD or LTD you have nothing. If you have filed a claim with The Standard get a lawyer, you will need him. I have left two messages with my “Standard Benefits Specialist” no call back yet. I have written on this website to let people know just how The Standard is. I have written a letter to my State Senator. I have an appointment with a lawyer tomorrow. I plan to file a complaint with my State Attorney General. If you are thinking about buying the insurance with The Standard, please think again and look into your options.

Cathy of Fayetteville, WV on Dec. 2, 2014

It’s pretty clear you face an uphill battle trying to obtain your wrongfully denied disability benefits from The Standard.

The Standard Disability Attorney

The Standard denies your claim for benefits in two ways:

  1. At the actual initial application, they just deny your request
  2. They initially accept your application, and pay you benefits. But at a later date, they decide to terminate your benefits. This usually happens at 24 months after you start to receive benefits.

Own Occupation vs Any Occupation Requirements

Many Standard LTD policies will change the definition of disability after 2 years. Initially, you just need to show you cannot perform the duties of your own occupation. After 24 months, you have to prove you can’t perform the duties of any occupation.

The Standard will use this change in definition to deny your claim.


If you received a letter denying your application for benefits, or terminating your existing benefits, you need to act fast. You generally only have 180 days to appeal this denial/termination. After that, your rights may be lost forever. Call today for your Free Denial Letter Review and Consultation. (858) 925-4525.

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