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Unum Life Insurance Company of America, one of the largest providers of long term disability insurance, has a reputation for denying legitimate disability claims. In fact, they were investigated by many departments of insurance throughout the country, and agreed reform its practices.

Those who have their disability claims denied by Unum will argue they have not reformed their practices.

Unum often denies legitimate disability claims – denying their own customers relief when they need it the most. Long term disability claimants are left worried about how are they going to pay for food and shelter. They are wondering how they are going to provide for their family.

California Unum LTD Claims Denial Attorney Is Ready To Fight For you

If your claim for benefits with Unum, UnumProvident, and Paul Revere, is denied, you need to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Here at the Disability Legal Center, we understand how frustrating it is to have your claim for benefits denied. You really need this money to provide for you and your family and it’s not there when you need it.

Sometimes benefits are denied when you first apply for benefits. Sometimes you receive benefits but Unum cuts them off after a few payments.

If you are applying for long term disability benefits or had your application denied from Unum you should:

  • Hire a long term disability lawyer. You can certainly apply for benefits on your own, many have done so successfully. But the help of an LTD attorney can be the difference between an acceptance and a denial of your benefits, especially in cases where the disability is harder to prove.If your application has already been denied, you must consult with an attorney. Time is running out and your rights to benefits may be lost forever.
  • Determine if your claim is covered by ERISA. Your plan is generally covered by ERISA, a large, complicated federal law, if the plan was purchased by your employer and provided to you as a benefit. If the plan is covered by ERISA, there are certain federal rules that apply. If you have to file a lawsuit, your case will be reviewed by a federal judge in most cases.If your LTD plan is not covered by ERISA, then state laws apply, with a completely different set of rules and procedures.
  • Exhaust all of administrative remedies under the claims and appeals process. Before you can file a lawsuit in federal court you must exhaust all administrative remedies. That means you must have made a claim for benefits, which was denied at the time of application, or later. Then, you must file an appeal (sometimes two, but usually one) which was also denied. If you don’t do this your lawsuit will be thrown out or decided against you.
  • Check the time limits on your ERISA LTD case. Usually you have 180 days to appeal after Unum denies or cancels your benefits. This is an important deadline. Missing this deadline can be deadly to your case.

CBS 60 Minutes Exposes Bad LTD Claims Practices at UnumProvident

Watch this short video on how Unum Provident denied a doctor’s long term disability application, even though he had parkinson’s disease. They even sent an investigator to spy on the doctor. The investigator mistakenly videotaped his son playing football and alleged it was the doctor.

The video also interviews an employee about their unethical practices in determining your LTD claim.

For more information on how to successfully make a disability claim with Unum Group, call the Disability Legal Center at (866) JOE-DANG or (866) 563-3264. Our ERISA attorney will immediately go to work on your behalf.

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